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Fact about us:

We have seen many ups and downs in the online market during this time period. We know the pain of failure as well as the joy of success!

Fact about us:

We have seen many ups and downs in the online market during this time period. We know the pain of failure as well as the joy of success!

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Which is better: WFH or Regular office Jobs?

However, if we talk about working place at the office or home employees have mixed opinions because some people love to work from home because of fulfilling other responsibilities. On the other side, those who are comfortable to work from the office, we have time bounding and social interaction colleagues. Some attractive works can be done at home like digital marketing, content writing, data entry, and web designing. The working environment influences the motivation of employees whether we are working from home or office.

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When we talk about an Office work job, it is a time when your mindset is fixed with time bounding and target. You can discuss any issue in the meeting room and try to find out the solution. Depending on the ratio of employees, there are might be 60% of people in all industries who are seeking work from home, because of time saving and for their comfort zone.

There are some studies which show if we compare a few facts of work from home or work from the office, we have found good increments in productivity and efficiency from working from home. However, other factors carry great value if you are working from the office.

  • Motivation: In the office, people get motivated by co-workers that help them in career growth. When a person works with a team definitely, he gets responsibility for teaching, training, or monitoring other team members as well, it helps them to relish leadership skills and enhance their knowledge. But in case of work from home, people become self-oriented and fix the mind-set in the comfort zone.
  • Instantly Feedback: If you are in the office you can get feedback immediately which could incorporate among team members. It is easy to share any updates or feedback in the meeting room. These team collaboration activities are not possible through video conference.
  • Social attraction: You might feel comfortable sharing thoughts with co-workers and listen to others' thoughts. It boosts mental states and makes some good environment. Some of the co-workers might build good relationships. While working from home you will be only busy with your family stuff, you will unaware around you.
  • Discipline: In work from home you know your home environment you are comfortable and fixed with it, but in an office work job you have to be flexible with colleagues and managers you need to maintain discipline in the office which will become good habits, and improve your personality.
  • Flexibility: In the case of work from home you can work stress-free at home by managing yourself. You can wear an easy dress and can take your comfort position, but in office work, your seat is fixed and you need to wear formal dress.
  • No commuting: While working from home you not need to commute this saves your money and time. This is also good to avoid crowds and waiting hours.
  • Technical issues: If you are working from home it would be difficult to solve the technical problem but if you are working in the office there will be a specially designated team to solve technical issues.
  • Self-development: You can implement your skills with co-workers in the office; this is not possible at home.

Which Jobs are good for work from home and work form office ?

  • Digital marketing, Social media, online training, content writing, and web designing are the top most jobs that can do from home as it is a creative task, and you can do it from home. Sometimes you might face challenges to balance life at office and house errands. Especially for working women, digital marketing, web designing, and online work are feasible because we have family’s responsibilities. You can get trained through our top digital marketing training institute in Delhi NCR where you can get SEO, SMO, and PPC training @ reasonable rates and work from easily.
  • Such tasks like digital marketing, web designing, content writing and blog writing work which can be managed independently and also can do as a part-time job. There is lots of freelancing sits from where people get paid projects.
  • Sometime you may not get enough hikes in the regular job at that situation you can do digital marketing, web designing, content writing, and blogging after office hours. You can toiler your payment according to your time and skills. There many online institutes who provide such training and also mentor for the internship. Softindigo.com is a company Noida based company that provides online training, internship, and mentoring.
  • There are ample prospects for an invention to do their best thing in writing, design, and even video and audio production. You can explore your skills on a daily bases.
  • After all, in such an exciting atmosphere, new ways or thoughts will be always there for marketing products, solving problems, designing, improving customer experience, and engaging audiences.
  • Besides, the speed or digital marketing offers itself to the investigation as companies want creative ways to exploit things that are working in the business as long as those that could accomplish superior.
  • In the digital world, there are huge opportunities for a digital professional to work from home. Because digitalization is rapidly increasing, and employers are seeking the best skillsets in the world. With the knowledge of digital marketing, you can enjoy a fast-paced, enjoyable career and competitive salary from home. You can learn social media marketing within one month if you choose us where we offer easy, affordable, online top quality social media marketing training for you only!
  • It is easy for those people who have already marketing management, design, or web development skills. We can transfer their skills easily to go into the digital world. You can start your branding and build a portfolio to build a unique social presence.
  • You should make sure that your social media streams are regular with your skills. In other words, you can share your thoughts on social media as often as you can.
  • You can look for a comprehensive, reputable training program to get authorized certification in one or more basic areas.

You can get certification and an internship from Softindigo.com & work with us too. We provide hands-on training and guidance for further projects.